Blocks By Ajax

To demonstrate a basic use of Blocks By AJAX, the Main and Sidebar areas of this page are loaded using Blocks By AJAX. The Main area below this introduction is a single Universal Content Puller block with a Blocks By AJAX template pulling the content from the marketplace page on

The Sidebar is the usual default sidebar for my addon support pages, A stack and an Uber List, both adapting what is shown using Magic Data and a page attribute. On this page, these are both separately loaded using Blocks By AJAX templates.

When browsed to, the overall page shows, then 3 AJAX loads pull in the Main content and the Sidebar areas.

Other pages on this site use Blocks by AJAX more dynamically. The Home page is set up as a series of Magic Tabs. Some of the tabs contain ajax content that is shown when the tab is revealed. On the Add-Ons page, Blocks By AJAX is used to load a block when a Magic Toggle is revealed. The Magic Toggle uses a 'Remote Control' link (provided with Magic Toggle) to toggle what is shown between the addon list and the developer info. The developer info is in a regular content block with a Blocks by AJAX template.

Last updated: over a year ago