Example - List of Badges

This uses a very similar statement to the list of certifications, the difference being that here we list up to 100 badges from my profile and wrap them up in some DIV elements to format them into a line.

  WRAP '
' '
' '
' %]

I have used an HTML block below. This sort of Magic Data processing is best kept away from regular content blocks because the TinyMCE editor will do nasty things to the html embedded in the magic data.

Beta Crew - Access the beta forums.
Gold Star I - Accomplished a great selfless act.
Silver Star I - Accomplished something cool.
Site Owner - Owns at least one website built with concrete5 that we know of.
Builder - Has built at least one concrete5 site and submitted it to the Showcase.
Expert I - Demonstrated deep know-how with concrete5.
Gold Star II - Accomplished a few great selfless acts.
Rock Star - Only the few have given so much.
Silver Star II - Accomplished a few cool things.
Expert II - Demonstrated a very deep understanding of concrete5.
Gold Star III - Accomplished many great selfless acts.
Silver Star III - Accomplished many cool things.
PRB Member - Currently a member of the concrete5 Marketplace Peer Review Board.
First Post - Has Made a Post to the Forums.
First Reply - Took the time to not only start a new thread, but also post to someone else's.
Helpful Post - Someone marked the thread this person started as helpful. Good Question!
First Answer - Whatever this person said, the thread owner decided it was the best answer.
50 Posts - Must be working on something pretty hard to talk this much.
100 Posts - Has posted over a hundred times to the forums.
200 Posts - Clearly getting pretty active in the forums.
500 Posts - Probably knows what they're talking about.
1000 Posts - Holy moly this member can talk!
Has an approved add-on in the marketplace
Has an approved theme in the marketplace
Community Leader - Has earned over 5,000 karma points by helping with concrete5.org
How-To Hero - Posted a how-to to the concrete5.org documentation section.
Bug Reporter - Has submitted a valid bug
Leap Year - Participated in a leap year promotion.
Core Contributor - Has submitted code that was accepted to the core.
Unit Tester - Did some testing.
Alpha - Has helped test an alpha release of concrete5.
Sticker Picture - Has stuck a concrete5 sticker on something and sent us a photo to prove it.
High Five - Did something worthy of a high-five from the Core Team.
Site Owner II - Runs at least five websites built with concrete5.
1st Anniversary - Been a concrete5.org member for one year.
2nd Anniversary - Been a concrete5.org member for two years.
3rd Anniversary - Been a concrete5.org member for three years.
4th Anniversary - Been a concrete5.org member for four years.
5th Anniversary - Been a concrete5.org member for five years.
6th Anniversary - Been a concrete5.org member for six years.
7th Anniversary - Been a concrete5.org member for seven years.
8th Anniversary - Been a concrete5.org member for eight years.
1K Karma - Has at least 1,000 karma points.
5K Karma - Has at least 5,000 karma points.
10K Karma - Has at least 10,000 karma points.
15K Karma - Has at least 15,000 karma points.
20K Karma - Has at least 20,000 karma points.
25K Karma - Has at least 25,000 karma points.
30K Karma - Has at least 30,000 karma points.
35K Karma - Has at least 35,000 karma points.
40K Karma - Has at least 40,000 karma points.
45K Karma - Has at least 45,000 karma points.
50K Karma - Has at least 50,000 karma points.
60K Karma - Has at least 60,000 karma points.
70K Karma - Has at least 70,000 karma points.
80K Karma - Has at least 80,000 karma points.
90K Karma - Has at least 90,000 karma points.
100K Karma - Has at least 100,000 karma points.
120K Karma - Has at least 120,000 karma points.
140K Karma - Has at least 140,000 karma points.
160K Karma - Has at least 160,000 karma points.
180K Karma - Has at least 180,000 karma points.
200K Karma - Has at least 200,000 karma points.
Platinum Star I - Done amazing things for concrete5.
Karma Winner - Has won a weekly karma prize.
Referral 5 - Has referred five user accounts to concrete5.org.
Marketplace Customer - Has purchased an add-on/theme in the concrete5 marketplace.
PRB Administrator - Currently running the concrete5 Marketplace Peer Review Board.

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