Example - List of Marketplace Items

This uses a very similar statement to the list of certifications, the difference being that here we list up to 100 marketplace items from my profile and wrap them up in some DIV elements to format them into a line. In this case the symbol MARKETPLACE_ICON_LINK is used to link to the actual marketplace pages. As a final embellishment, SUBSTITUTE_LINKS_LOCAL is appended to search for local equivalent pages and replace links local pages where they exist.

  WRAP '
' '
' '

I have used an HTML block below. This sort of Magic Data processing is best kept away from regular content blocks because the TinyMCE editor will do nasty things to the html embedded in the magic data.

A special purpose symbol here is SUBSTITUTE_LINKS_LOCAL. This looks for local equivalents to external links, such as those to marketplace pages, and substitutes links to local pages where pages with equivalent paths are available. The result is a list that links to local pages where I have them, or marketplace pages where I do not have local pages.

The main Add-ons page of this site uses a similar list created using Uber List to provide a formatted index of all my marketplace items.

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