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Magic Tipple (c5.6)

Add styled popup tips and modals to any words or phrases on your pages. Use Magic Tipple for:

  • Terms and abbreviations
  • Showing subsidiary content
  • Providing help on forms
  • Simplifying complex pages
  • Popup menus of links
  • Additional info for eCommerce products
  • Make 'calls-to-action' really pop

Simply define tips as a list of terms and descriptions. Tips can be included from any or all of:

  • Local definitions in the Magic Tipple block
  • Global definitions in the Magic Tipple dashboard page
  • Text files uploaded using the File Manager

All share a common text based format. Descriptions can optionally include html for links and formatting, or automatically translate URLs into links. If you also have Magic Data, you can even embed Magic Data tokens within tips.

Show tips on hover or on click or even when the page first loads. Limit the display to one tip at a time, or allow multiple tips to be open and stack up on the page.

Highlight tips using background colours or icons or both. You have complete control of the highlight colour, hover colour, active colour and opacity.

Select icons from:

  • Icons pre defined by Magic Tipple
  • Bootstrap icons
  • Or even upload your own!

Block templates provide for tips to be shown using any or all of:

  • Browser default tooltips 
  • Bootstrap popovers
  • Bootstrap tooltips
  • Fancybox modal
  • jQuery.UI dialog modal
  • qTip - qTip provides a massive selection of further tip themes

Block templates and css can also be used to easily define your own tip styles.

Don't be boring with the default block templete. Try the other block templates  and see just how beautifully stylish your tips can be!

Add Magic Tipple blocks to a specific page, or to a global area or stack to apply tips to multiple pages. Show tips within tabbed or ajax loaded content.

As a bonus, Magic Tipple now provides tip styled wrapper plugins for Universal Content Puller and Uber List.

Tipple Wrappers - Wrap any content pulled with Universal Content Puller with stylish tipple formatted wrappers. Great for call to action or anything you want to jump out of the page. Get popup tips from Magic Tipple to boot!.

Link and Tip - List key words and terms anywhere on your pages, make them into links, add popup tips, or both. All this by just adding a couple of blocks and no need to edit existing content.

Please read the documentation before purchasing and installing.

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