Addon pages - Full Width List with AJAX loading

In this example Uber List has been given an equal height items template that also uses Blocks By AJAX to asynchronously load the list. The styling and width of list items have been adapted to fit a full width page, as have pagination and transitions. 

Uber List has been designed from the start to provide the best possible AJAX speed improvement by postponing all list evaluation, template retrieval and template filling until the list is actually shown. The result is that you get no interruption with the initial page load, then wait for the list to appear depending on complexity of the list. This is a a really good strategy to use when other content at the top of the page leaves the Uber List 'below the fold' of the initially loaded page.

Even without Blocks By AJAXUber List has highly flexible lazy loading settings that can be used to minimise the time to show the initial page.

The page has been given a full width template and block design used to shrink the font to allow more to be shown. 

The list shown here lists the same pages as:

This allows the behaviour of each of these lists to be sensibly evaluated in comparison.
Beneath the list, the usual sidebar is shown full width, with the Uber List in columns. The Magic Data and template to generate the list is the same as used for the sidebar of other pages.

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You can get Uber List from the concrete5 marketplace

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