Cost Rule Messages

Each shipping cost rule has an associated message. There are also optional messages associated with the Delivery Split rules and a default split delivery message on the General Settings page.

These messages become the shipping name shown to a customer at the checkout. Just enter the text you want to show and the message will be used.

Test in delivery messages is truncated to 200 characters before being passed back to eCommerce.

To help customise the messages, you can enter certain {{tokens}} using double moustaches. The actual tokens available can change, depending on the Cost Basis measures enabled and whether a delivery is split. To see the tokens available for your shipping configuration, you can enable the diagnostic setting "Available Tokens", run a test order, then review the tokens reported in the concrete5 log.

The below are some of the core tokens. Others are available depending on configuration.

{{units-weight}} (when cost basis enabled)
{{weight}} (when cost basis enabled)
{{shipping-zone}} {{zone}} (same as shipping-zone)

For example, the default message is "Delivery to zone {{shipping-zone}}".

{{null}} provides special processing. Any rule containing this token will return null shipping. If that is the only shipping returned, eCommerce will not ship. You can use this to prevent shipping to some locations or for some orders.

{{error}} provides an error message. Any text after {{error}} will be returned to eCommerce as an error message. Be careful how you rely on this. A problem within eCommerce prevents it from working if the only shipping option is an error!

When a cart is split, the delivery message associated with a rule can be replaced with the message provided by the enabled splitter. An option on the splitter rule decides how this is prioritised.

Magic Data integration

If you have Magic Data installed, Delivery messages also process Magic Data tokens.


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