Magic Data integration

If you have Magic Data Commerce installed, Zone Based Shipping provides integration with Magic Data. You don't need to have Magic Data to use ZBS, but if you do, there is even more advanced functionality available!


ZBS provides some new Magic Data symbols. For example, ZONE_NAME will return the zone for the current cart/order and [%WITH_CART ZBS_​ORDER_SHIPPING_COST%] will return the shipping cost for the cart.

A full list of symbols provided by ZBS can be found in the Magic Data documentation page.

Delivery message tokens

Magic Data tokens can be inserted in delivery messages. Be careful how you use symbols like ZBS_​ORDER_SHIPPING_COST within delivery messages, it could become recursive.

Address to Zone Map

The match text in the Address to Zone Map processes any embedded Magic Data tokens. 

Cost Basis using Magic Data

The cost basis Magic Data for each product evaluates a snippet of Magic Data for each product in the cart to return a cost basis measure. This can be used for Base Cost Condition and/or for Additional Cost Calculation. With this, you can calculate a measure using any combination of product properties and attributes, or even on user attributes.

The cost basis Overall value by Magic Data works differently. The entire cart (or cart split) is passed to a snippet of Magic Data for calculation.

As well as being useful as cost basis measures by themselves, these measures also serve as examples of how you can code your own cost basis as a plugin.

Last updated: over a year ago