Upgrading from ZBS 1.x

Please read this carefully before upgrading to ZBS version 2.0 from earlier versions of Zone Based Shipping.

The way shipping rules are stored and managed has been extensively revised for ZBS version 2.0. Zones, Delivery methods, Address to Zone mapping and Cost Rules should all be updated automatically. However, the way ZBS v2.0 handles excess cost is not compatible. If you use excess cost calculations, you will need to re-enter them as Additional Cost Basis rules.

ZBS v2.0 also has differences in general settings, configuration definitions, the way diagnostics are handled, the way {{tokens}} are inserted into delivery messages and the concrete5 events fired. If you use any of these, you will need to review your shipping configuration and translate it to the facilities provided by ZBS v2.0.

The main difference you will find is that the configuration tabs for ZBS have now been split across multiple dashboard pages. This makes each part of configuring ZBS more responsive, so allowing for quicker rule development and also allows the now individual dashboard pages to support more sophisticated functionality.

  • Shipping cost rules can now use combinations of various tests against cost basis calculations.
  • Excess cost calculation has been replaced with Additional Cost Calculation rules. Any cost basis can now be used to calculate an additional cost that is added to the base cost of a matched rule.
  • Cost Basis, Units, Comparisons, Order Address Items and Delivery Splits now all use plugin mechanisms similar to other C5Magic products, so for extreme situations where you need a bit more than ZBS can do, you can add a plugin for it!
  • You can even pass the cart (or part of it) on to other shipping methods for additional cost calculations via the 'Shipping Agent' cost basis. 
  • Magic Data Commerce can be used within a cost Basis, so for extreme situations where you need a bit more than ZBS can do, you may be able to do it with Magic Data rather than adding a custom plugin.
  • Diagnostics are now more granular, so you can log just the information you need to verify your shipping rules. Diagnostics can be enabled for a specified user, so you can enable diagnostics where you have a problem without generating masses of excess log data.

The upgrade process should translate settings for Zones, Delivery Options, Address to Zone Map, Cost Basis and Shipping Cost Rules automatically. 

  1. Before upgrading, use the ZBS Export page to backup your rules.
  2. Use the dashboard update page to download and install the ZBS package update.
  3. Check the ZBS dashboard pages to make sure your rules have been translated
  4. If your rules have not been automatically translated, Import the rules you backed up in step (1).
  5. Add Additional Cost Calculation rules in place of any Excess Cost rules from your previous shipping settings.
  6. Enable all diagnostics and run some test orders. Review the shipping costs and the logged diagnostics to confirm your shipping rules are working correctly.

Last updated: over a year ago